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How Can I Fit In?

Becoming a member of Crest Bible Church

Methods of joining:

Why join a church?

The local church was ordained by God to be a spiritual authority in the lives of his people. A Christian cannot find spiritual maturity and fulfillment apart from the vehicle God has ordained for that purpose.

What can I expect from the church?

You can expect to get clear, consistent teaching of the word of God (I Timothy 3:15). You can also expect to receive the spiritual and physical protection afforded by God's ordained structure.

(I Timothy 5:1-16). But most importantly, you can expect to find an avenue to serve Jesus Christ and find spiritual maturity (Ephesians 4:11-16).

What should the church expect from me?

There are NO agreements to sign! Your membership here is strictly voluntary, and you can choose to cancel it at any time. But as long as you are a member, the rest of us should expect your commitment and involvement in our mission of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

(I Timothy 3:9)